VITTA presents:

Geelong Professional Learning Network meeting
Pedagogies for Learning: Making the most of 1:1 computers

When: Wednesday October 13th from 4.30 to 6.30 PM
Where: Room 11, Geelong High School, Ryrie St, East Geelong
Who: All teachers, primary and secondary interested in using computers in their classroom

Would you like to:
• Build your confidence teaching where every student has access to a laptop?
• Support student learning needs by exploring the opportunities for innovative teaching and learning using laptops?
• Answer essential questions about 1:1 learning and my teaching?

Mark Richardson is ICT Coordinator at Williamstown Primary School. He is interested in teaching multimedia and has worked with students on many digital video, animation and web design projects. He has also run professional development sessions on multimedia and web design in a wide variety of settings. He is interested in the role of ICT in the process of curriculum change. In this talk he shares his learning journey in 1:1 classrooms, through school planning, pedagogy & professional development.

What are Professional Learning Networks?
VITTA PLNs are regional professional learning networks to support the teaching and learning of ICT K-12 throughout Victoria and beyond. These learning communities encourage sharing of skills and ideas about ICT and education. Their key role is to increase the amount of ICT professional learning available to teachers/educators in a particular region. Their direction will be dependent on the needs and interests of those involved in the group. Generally, they will be set up in areas where there is limited or no other ICT professional learning opportunities.

Who are they for?
Suitable for all teachers P-12 They cater for teachers from a variety of settings [Kindergarten, Primary, Post-Primary, Special, TAFE] and systems [Government, Non-Government].
VITTA PLNs are open to all, [not just VITTA members]. Teachers from around Australia and beyond have responded positively to building professional learning networks. Teachers now can contact the VITTA Professional Learning Office for details about proposed meeting times, activities or provide some information about your professional learning needs.